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Product Details:
Author: Robert F. Dorr
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: April 10, 1995
Language: English
ISBN: 1855325012
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Package Length: 9.69 inches
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 4 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Good, but missing infoJan 07, 2001
By Ryan Haas
This is a book Osprey needed to make and Robert Dorr did a great job. It has information on American and Soviet Aces. The book talks about famous aircraft, like the Mustang, Corsair, Mig 15, and Sabre. The info on Soviet aces was a nice surprise. The facts about British, South African, and Australian aces were an extra bonus. I only wish the book had given info on North Korean and Chinese aces.

4 of 6 found the following review helpful:

3Just the Facts and Little MoreSep 09, 2005
By Marco Antonio Abarca
The Korean War is a very interesting time period for the military aviation enthusiast. It was a period where propeller driven P-51's and Corsairs battled with Mig 15's and Sabre aces shot down Yak 9's. And of course, the huge jet battles that took place over the skies of Mig Alley. A technological revolution took place during the four years of the conflict.

"Korean War Aces" by Robert Dorr is a plodding account of Korean Air War. All the key phases of the war are covered. Dorr dutifully documents all of the key facts. Every ace gets his due. However, if you are interested in the human story of Korean Air War, this is not the book for you. It is a pity that such dramatic story is rendered in such lifeless manner. The only reason to purchase the book is for the photographs and the color aircraft plates.

3 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Crucial and tragic "Dogfighting" History between F-86 vs MIG-15 during Korean War !Apr 22, 2009
By Woong B. Lee
Crucial and tragic "dog fighting" History between F-86 vs MIG-15
during Koreai

Ifound this book provided the overview of detailed history of combat hisyory
oflong term period,1950-1953, during Korean WAR: US first swept wing fighter,F-86
vs Soviet first swept wing fighter,MIG-15 !
This is a Review on this book from Korean Military Aviation Reasearcher,Young Ki Moon.
I like emphasize as following:
Soviet MIG-15 pilot, Col. Orlov dicclosed episode his shooting down a F-86E with
small damage which sent to Moskow for it's resyoration for Anamy,power of F-86E
including western Technology.on oct,i951(quoted from "Red Wings over the Yalu" by Xiaming Zhang(2002)
US desparately wanted MIG-15 same as Sovit wanted !
In Sept,1953, immediately after Armistice,a North Korean, Senoor Lt.Kum Suk No fled to
Souyh Korea with his a MIG-15 bis, improved version.immediate all tests of this was performed
by Capt. Collins and Maj. Check Yeager AT Okinawa Air Base.
Compairing Power of MIG-15 vs F-86 :
MIG-15 ; slightly faster speed,fly higher, faster rate of climbing, better maneuberbility
including better tightcircle,heavier armament(1-37mm cannon, 2-23mm cannon) aiming
destruction of heavy, strategic B-29 bombers. Soviet air ace, Yevgeni Pepelyaev
pointed weak destructive power of routie american figher's 6-browning 12.7mm machine guns.
it's unstablemaeuverbility at lower level resulted to engine failere !(early MIG-15 had
mechanical problems of elevaodrs)
MIG-15bis : improved version of original MIG-15. increased jet trust powerd engine.with new designed wing.
faster,shdrter range of take off.
F-86A : faster dive speed. good maneuverbility at liw altitude. armament does not mach to MIG-15.
F-86E ; manuverbility and saftyness increased after "All flyihg tail".
F-86F; improved engine power,increased speed, high flying increased maneuverbility.
Become superior fighter than MIG-15bis in evry aspect !!

killing Ratio between F-86 vs MIG-15 :
Killing Ratio is very difficult matters according to diffreent reporters and country.
somedne said different rate ranging from 50%~100% !!
US side: 18;i->10:1, corrected after war favoured to F-86.
anoteher repotre--MIG-15 vs F-86 killing Ratio 3.5:1 if F-80 and F-84 included !:1.
in B-29, Total 34 losted in combat( 16 to fighter, 4 to AAA, 14 to other causes.
B-29 gunners had credited destroying 27 fighters including 16 MIG-15.(quoted from
Soviet side :F-86vs MIG-15-2.2:1,.(1952), 1.9:1(1953).Soviet favour.
on the basis of kills attributable to individual pilots,after all cinfirmation,
total shot down-1025.( B-29 66,B-26 7,RB-45 2, RB-50 1, F-47 2 F-51 28,F-80 123,
F-84 181,F-86 574, F-94 11, F4U 1, F6F 3, Metere F.8 26) during this period,
their MIG-15 loss were 307.(quoted from "Soviet Mig-15 Aces of the Korean War,2008);:
Chinese side: lost 224 MIG-15 vs F-86 211. but overall air-to -air kills 1:1.42 in Chinese favour !

5Interesting and accurate portrayal of our Heroes!Aug 29, 2013
By MaryAnn Milton Butterfield
This is a historically accurate portrayal of our heroes of the Korean War, and is a good read. It is especially good for historians.

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